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Robert & Joan Baur Jr.


Toucan Market been open for 13 years, prior I worked for Albertson's for 30 years. My wife Joan, I and our staff are happy we were able to keep Toucan Market open and to serve Las Cruces. As owners we will continue to bring you quality food, great customer service, specializing in local products from all around New Mexico in a very unique food store. Come by and experience the Toucan difference, just for the taste of it.

Rob Baur

Store Director

Rob Baur is Bob's son, we call him Rob around here, to lessen the confusion. Rob was previously an Albertson's store Director in Phoenix Arizona before we convenced him to come to Las Cruces. Please welcome him, we think he has a lot to offer. 


Administrator Advisor 

Sandra is our chief baker. She ran an Albertson's bakery for 12 years before starting here at Toucan Market in 2005. Sandra can bake anything! Call her for your special orders. 

Ramon Pacheco

Deli-Meat Manager

Ramon Pacheco is our meat/deli manager. He was promoted to the Meat Department in 2014. He has been with Toucan Market since 2012 and has 18 years experience in the grocery business.


Bakery Manager

Julius started out with us May 2015. In 2016 promoted to Bakery as clerk then back up cake decorator. Recently promoted to Bakery Manager. Our Bakery offers pastries, breads, rolls and cakes 

Pete Gomez IV

Produce Manager

Pete started his first job with us in 2015.
He was promoted to produce manager in 2017. Produce dept offers fruit and veggie trays.




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1701 #1 E University Ave,
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We offer 100% satisfaction on all products. Please save your receipt for a refund, otherwise we will give store credit.

We encourage you to let us order products for you.

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